Lobster fishers seek 더킹카지노more buyback scheme details in NSW report

As the federal government begins looking at the way in which it should reform its purchaseback scheme, the Government is considering what type of system should apply.

The current system allows people to receive an amount of money, usually a small amount, when they have been overpaid by more than the amount the Government considers appropriate.

The scheme is also designed to prevent it being abused.

"The Federal Government believes that these programs have worked very well," Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said.

"The question is whether we want to continue in that direction in a way that makes it harder for people to return to work."

Mr Abbott said he would press for the scheme to remain unchanged.

"I'm not quite ready to just change the way the whole of government works because we'd still be spending the money," he said.

The government estimates $50 million would be put back into the payment scheme each year.

While the Federal Government said yesterday there had been no significant change in the way it did business, the National Farmers Union (NFU) said it was concerned the new program was creating a situation where people were more often forced to make false claims of overpayments to obtain cash rebates from the State Government.

"If a farmer and his employees are in an open-ended process where they want the Government to get in on that, there must be a provision in the system that allows for that to happen," NFU CEO Stephen Blunden said.

"There shouldn't have to be a provision in the system for farmers to refuse to get cash."

Mr Blunden said many people involved in the purcha우리카지노seback system have long had difficulty persuading their own governments to do the right thing.

"I'm just really worried that there's a certain amount of cynicism and some feeling that we're not doing something right and that if we don't do it right, some other person will come along who is going to tell us what we should be doing."

He said the $50 million each year was not going to solve all of the issues and he was not ready to pull the plug.

"I think the reality is that the Federal Government does not appear in a state of complete and total denial that there are the kinds of problems that exist in the buyback system."

But he said while many people believed their cases were going nowhere, a lot of people were still being paid back