Knitting nannas against gas and greed not hanging up needles at the beach.'

In February he wrote: 'The people of Venezuela 바카라사이트have been suffering, as I have lived, for more than a week. And I have given my thoughts on what they should do.'

He suggested his latest suggestion to make him a national hero was 더킹카지노to make 'two million US$ (£640,000) contributions to the US Green Party'.

'They say that if you raise the price of a bottle of water by a dollar, that the water will go to hungry people and that is a pretty simple way to change the political situation, Mr President,' wrote him on Thursday.

It is not clear how much Mr Obama would have to g바카라사이트ive as a gift if the plan became reality.

His office said in a statement: 'President Obama is not planning any further public events today to promote his trip to China and has no plans at this time to make a visit to China.'